Studying economics at NUI Galway

Studying economics gives you:

  • An insight into the various economic relationships in the real world around you
  • An introduction to the analytical tools you need to help you to explore and understand these relationships
  • The opportunity to deepen your understanding of current affairs, the economics of the marketplace, economic factors influencing politics, and how economic issues have influenced the course of history.

The University of Galway has a long and proud tradition of research-led teaching in economics, of international standing.

Economics appeals to a variety of students at different stages, and with a variety of interests.

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There are a number of options for studying economics at the undergraduate level at the University of Galway Economics is available:

  • in the BA degree, and in related degrees in Arts, such at the BA (International), and the BA (Public & Social Policy) degrees
  • in the B.Comm and related degrees, such as the B.Comm (International) degrees
  • in our specialised 4 year B.Sc.(Financial Mathematics and Economics) degree
  • and in a number of other degree options

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Taught postgraduate programmes

Explore our taught masters programmes, all of which reflect research specialisms and expertise in Economics at the University of Galway;

M.Econ.Sc. in International Finance

M.Sc. in Health Economics

M.Sc. in Global Environmental Economics 

M.Sc FinTech (Economics & Financial Technology)

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Research postgraduate degrees

Options here include:

  • our very active and diverse PhD programme
  • research masters degrees

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