Seminar on public healthcare eligibility and utilisation of GP services by older people in Ireland

Feb 28 2014 Posted: 10:45 GMT

Dr. Anne Nolan presented a seminar at NUI Galway on February 28th titled: Public Healthcare Eligibility and the Utilisation of GP Services by Older People in Ireland

Dr. Nolan is the Research Director of The Irish Longitudinal Study on Aging (TILDA). She joined TILDA in September 2013 on secondment from the Economic and Social Research Institute. Her main research interest is health economics, with a particular focus on healthcare financing and access, socio-economic inequalities in health, and Irish health policy. She has published numerousarticles on these topics in journals such as Social Science and Medicine, Economic and Social Review, Health Economics, Policy and Law, and Health Economics.


Health Economics and Policy Analysis group at NUI Galway: