Workshop on data visualization and analysis

Apr 11 2014 Posted: 12:35 IST

NUI Galway will host an interdisciplinary workshop "Ways of Seeing" on data visualization and analysis on 23rd April 2014, with a central involvement from staff and students in Economics at NUI Galway.

The public policy analysis of complex social issues in the context of interconnected globalized world requires a multidimensional approach. Such an approach requires the ability to look beyond the borders of respective disciplines of knowledge and explore possible ways of seeing the issue at hand before defining the research problem. This workshop aims to provide a platform for cross fertilization of ideas from across the sciences to researchers in social sciences, and other related disciplines, with an interest in contributing to public policy.

The organizers of the Workshop are:  Dr. Srinivas Raghavendra (Economics NUI Galway) and Professor Peter Richmond (TCD) and it is hosted by the Social Sciences Computing Hub, at the Whitaker Institute, NUI Galway.

Here's the workshop schedule: