Postgraduate economics student research on display at NUI Galway

Students from the M.Sc. Health Economics, M.Econ.Sc. Natural Resource Economics and Policy, and 1st Year PhD (Economics) programmes at NUI Galway who presented at the Applied Econometrics Poster Session
Apr 01 2015 Posted: 15:21 IST

As part of their assessment for two postgraduate econometrics modules, students from the MSc Health Economics, MA/MEconSc Natural Resource Economics and Policy and 1st Year PhD (Economics) programmes at NUI Galway recently presented their research at an Applied Econometrics Poster Session orgainsed by Dr John Cullinan and Dr Paddy Gillespie.  In total there were 14 posters on a variety of topics (see below), all of which involved the application of a limited dependent variable (LDV) econometric model to a research question of relevance/interest to the student.  One of the aims of the session was to give students the experience of partaking in a conference style poster session.  Each student gave a short presentation of their work and fielded questions from staff and their peers.  By presenting their work in poster form, students had to consider how to summarise and translate their research findings and conclusions in a clear, concise and imaginative way.


  • Aisling Murphy – Does Having Private Health Insurance Increase the Risk of Having an Elective Caesarean in Ireland?
  • Anthony Cawley – The Decision to Participate in Agricultural Extension Services
  • Brian Leonard – The Factors Affecting the Presence of a Farm Successor
  • Derek O’Boyle – Loneliness, Clinical Factors and Depressive Symptoms among Older Adults in Ireland: An Ordinal Logistic Regression Approach
  • Ed Knapp – Economic Viability and Environmental Subsidies in the 2012 National Farm Survey
  • Eoin McGurk – Determinants of Farmer Participation in Rural Environmental Protection Schemes
  • Helen O’Donnell – The Impact of Caring for Sick Children on the Self Rated Health of Irish Mothers
  • John Deely – The Effects of an Aging Farmer Population on Environmental Practises in Ireland
  • John Joseph Cunningham – The Most Beautiful Game: Identifying the Match Characteristics that are Associated with Goals in Soccer Matches
  • Kieran O’Hanlon – The Value of Marine and Leisure Based Activities in Ireland: A Travel Cost Model
  • Padraic Ward – The Determinants of GP Utilisation for the Over 50s Population in Ireland
  • Phoebe Balkin – The Determinants of Healthcare Costs of Irish 9 year olds
  • Ricky Conneely – The Farm Characteristics Effecting Off-Farm Employment
  • Suzanne van Osch – Estimating  the Irish Public's Willingness to Pay for Sustainably Produced Salmon


For more information on postgraduate programme in Economics at NUI Galway see here.