Frontiers in Healthcare Conference

Professor Chad Meyerhoefer, Lehigh University, Allison Dunne, Galway University Hospital, Brendan Kennelly, Health Economics and Policy Analysis Group, NUI Galway, Peter Kidd, Galway University Hospital, Loretto Callaghan, Novartis Ireland, Maurice Power, Saolta Hospital Group.
Nov 18 2015 Posted: 12:12 GMT


2nd Annual Frontiers in Healthcare Conference

The Health Economics and Policy Analysis research group held the 2nd Annual Frontiers in Healthcare Conference in the ILAS Building on November 4. The conference, which was attended by about 100 delegates, focused on the issue of adherence and this topic was addressed by academics from a variety of disciplines including economics, psychology and medicine and healthcare professionals working in both the public and private sector. Brendan Kennelly, who organized the conference with the cooperation of Novartis Ireland, said that it was important to recognize that adherence was not simply a question of adherence to medication. The topic extended to questions such as why people adhere or not to health promoting behaviour and why medical professionals adhere or not to care guidelines. Considerable attention was given to whether new technologies can be used to improve adherence and the ethical considerations that arise from the use of these technologies. This annual conference has already established itself as an important event in Ireland and planning is already underway for the next conference in November 2016.

Brendan Kennelly