Economics at NUI Galway contributes to international symposium on Ocean Economy

Left to right: Stephen Hynes, SEMRU, Whitaker Institute, Charles Colgan, Centre Blue Economy, Monterey, CA, USA, He Guangshun, Zhang Zhanhai, Chen Yue and Liu Xiaoqiang of the State Oceanic Administration (SOA), People's Republic of China, Kwangseo Park, Korea Maritime Institute, Alistair McIlgorm, University of Wollongong, Australia.
Nov 09 2016 Posted: 15:18 GMT
Dr. Stephen Hynes, Lecturer in Economics and director of the Socio-Economic Marine Research Unit (SEMRU) within the Whitaker Institute, was a speaker at the Second International Symposium on Marine Economy: The Oceans in National Income Accounts; Definition, Classification and Methodology  held in Tianjin, China, from October 25th-28th 2016.  The  panel of speakers included experts from the US, China, Korea and Australia.